Special Events

There are many significant or special events that happen to everyone at sometime during their life, their 18th, 21st, marriage, babies, etc. In an organisation such as ours we do not always give justice or if we do, do not always record in detail the actions and events that made it special.

Hopefully, this website and the contents under this section make sure some of these events do not go un-noticed.

Click on a link under the Special Events Icon on the left to access a significant event that Lyndoch CFS has recorded. Hopefully over time these link will grow.

A brief outline is given below of these events


Lyndoch Station Development

Date: March 2012
Watch this space for updated information on the development of Lyndoch Station. The contract has been awarded and work should start soon. <more...>


Lyndoch Pump Trailer

Date:15th October 2010
Lyndoch CFS, with the approval of the Group and Regional Commander are in the process of constructing a "Fit-for-purpose" pump Trailer. <more...>


Community Demonstration

Date: 25th November 2009
The demonstration involved Emergency Service personnel from Lyndoch CFS, Region 2 Operations Branch, SA Ambulance (SAAS) and SA Police (SAPOL).<more...>


Lyndoch 34P - New Appliance

Date: 9th June 2009
Appliance arrives - the long awaited replacement for Lyndoch 34 has finally arrived <more...>


30th Anniversary - Lyndoch CFS Brigade

Date: 9th May 2009
Lyndoch CFS grew out of the Emergency Fire Service or EFS which local history indicates was set up by local landholders. Lyndoch CFS was officially registered on the 9th May 1979. The Captain at the time was Winston Daly. <more...>